Ways to Interest Long-Term Tenants

Similar to all previous rental owners, the modern landlords are also continually aiming to have that great and long-term tenant who can pay the rent without making any fuss or damage. Your property’s return on investment is never greater than if you can keep a similar occupant for several years. Now, how can you look for that perfect tenant and persuade him/her to stick around? Well, that actually depends on the situation. However, there are some ways you can actually do to attract and persuade tenants to live within your property for a long time. Here are some of them:

Keep up the building’s exterior

Occupants might actually be satisfied with an apartment’s interior in a multi-unit building, however, a time will come when they get out of their vehicles and try to look at the property and feel quite unsatisfied. This only proves that you should never disregard your property’s exterior even if it’s not the first priority of your tenants. You need to maintain the siding, your landscaping, and some outdoor places that can be accessed by your tenants. Once they appear as if it’s expensive and clean, your tenants would realize your excellent deeds in maintaining every property’s aspect.

Attend to the needs or requests of your tenants

It is a basic practice to be good in a major situation. However, you have to actually act on every bit of your tenants’ requests or needs. If a tenant asks you about pruning an unattractive shrub or fixing the light fixture of your stairwell, then those should be your to-do-lists priorities. If they can see that you are really trying to take care of even their tiniest concerns, they begin to consider your rental property as a worthy asset. Even responding to their emails within a day makes a great impact on how appreciated and respected a tenant feels.

Provide annual bonuses for excellent tenants to renew their lease contract

During the year-end, it would be best to provide your great occupants a bonus for the year they have spent with you, and if possible, you can make it a bonus that increases every year. You should consider the fact that a couple of hundred dollars bonus money is nothing compared to the effort and time you would’ve spent looking for a new occupant. Moreover, you can possibly lose income for some time if this happens to you while searching for one.

Obtain a reputation for equitable and fair treatment

This is one of those obvious tips here. However, once your occupants see that you treat your tenants in an unfairly or discriminatory manner, they will never stick around and will choose to look for property management near Fontana so they can move out. If ever you’re placed under a situation when you want to come down at them harshly, it would be best to endure it and do everything to provide an equal hearing about the circumstances and actually listen to what they appeal.